Friday, March 20, 2009

Ethan and Tannin and March 20th

How many of you have a best friend who's birthday is the same day as yours? Ethan and Tannin's birthday is on the same day...March 20th! However, Ethan was born in 1990 and Tannin in 1991. From the time we moved here they have been best buds. A connection from long before our time on this earth.
April and Kory wanted to throw them a Super-Hero birthday they did! Ethan and Tannin decided to go as the ambiguosly gay duo....oh yeah, and they did it well:) They cruised around the hood on a scooter and said hi to all the neighbors! We than went down to Ronnie and Kathy's were we meet UNDERWEAR BOY(Kory), STORM(April), LANCE ARMSTRONG(Ronnie), SUPERMOM(Kathy),
WORDGIRL(Kameron), THE INCREDIBLE(Tim), ROSIE THE RIVETER(JENNFER)< and a few more super heors. We had a great time, thank you April and Kory!
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Tannis Scott said...

oh my heck these pictures are hysterical!!! i woke aaron up laughin so hard! looks like you guys had so much fun!! hahahah that is so funny!