Friday, April 30, 2010

Really Jennifer, Really?

Really I can't believe that I have not blogged since Nov. of 2009. Really Jennifer,really?
so lets catch up:
Nov.:Thanksgiving-At home with Tim, Tannis, Tanya, Tori, Devin Jorge, Colin and Chloe-Check
Dec.-Christmas-At home with Tim and Tannis and Jayson and Erica-Check
Jan.-At home with snow and work and callings and at Casa Grande with Tanya, Devin and Ezra and Rylie for Rylie's first birthday-Check
Feb.-At home with Tim and his knee replacement surgery-Check
March-At home " "-check
April-At home, and at Salt Lake City for Gen. Conf. with YSA, Daneila surgery in North Carolina Tannis and Clayton in Phoenix because of motorcycle accident and back home-Check
May-(well as of tomorrow)...will try to do so much better at blogging:)-Check

Anyway, that is a quick overview of the Hine House. I haven't updated Ethan's in a long time. I will get on that too!
As I look back back thru these last few months, the one thing that comes to mind that is not just a Check, but PRICELESS is this-My Testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. Through good, bad, hard times,happy times,I hold on tight to my Testimony that He lives and Loves me and knows me and is my Savior-Priceless!