Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy birthday Shaun

Happy 30th Birthday Shaun! That is right my Shaun, the middle son, is 30!!!!!! Shaun is married to Daniela, and father to 3 kids...Julie, Zarah and Dylan. He is a Sargent-Staff or 1stclass-(I can't remember, and Yikes I should know this!) in the Army.
He just return from his third tour of duty in the middle East and is currently stationed in Ft. Bragg North Carolina. He was recently accepted to be attached to the 7th Group Special Forces. because of that, he returned home Aug.4th and left for training August 17th. That however is Army life and that is what he has chosn to do. He is very talented in music, he plays the gutiar very well, the drums the piano and sings amazingly. I am proud to call him my son, I always have been.This picture was taken just a couple of weeks ago with Tim in North Carolina. So a very Happy Birthday to a very good son!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking to the Future

I Love this picture...I know it has been awhile since a blog, it has been a very busy somewhat emotional summer. But I am looking to the future with and hope and joy!
In this picture my niece Chloe is looking to her Dad, who at the time this was taken was leaving for another dangerous deployment(Note his boots).
Each of us has the ability to look to the future with hope and joy. Things don't always go as we plan, but they do go and it is up to us to find hope and joy regardless of how it goes.
I have seen people I love take the difficult changes in their lives and come out on the other side full of hope and jopy. It has been a great reminder to me that each of us are the builders of our destiny. We cannot always choose what is going to come our way, but we can choose how we handle is up to us:)
I HOPE that this blog finds those that I love, lives filled with hope and joy as we all look to the future.
My hope and prayer for Chloe in this picture is that her daddy will return safely home and that their family will look to the future with hope and joy.
I love this piture.