Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Blog thoughts


It has been awhile since I have done any excuses just haven't done it.
It is a bit strange because I like to write and I always have a random thought or opinion on you would think that I would be a good blogger....hmmf not so much.
But here are a few of my random thoughts today:
La Luna over the Mesa is one of my favorite things about Grants.
Which makes me think that La Luna over the Mesa would be a good name for a restaurant...any opinions on that my bloggin' friends?
But when I see a beautiful full moom, my mind always drifts to know high tides, good surf and sand.
One of my favorite James Taylor song's is Mexico.
When I was younger, okay alot younger, in High School, I went to a James Taylor concert(he still had good hair). Anyway I loved it and thought I wouldn't mind marrying him after he was done with Carly Simon...didn't happen, but I still love him, and always sing his song on the way to Mexico!
Did you know I always grow corn every year in my garden. Not just becasue fresh corn on the cob is yummy, but I do love to decorate with it in the fall and I love to hear the wind blow though it and I really love the movie Field of Dreams. I mean if you grow corn you never know who is going to come to play in your backyard right? Soooo I grow corn.
I think one year I will grow blue corn too.....seems like a good New Mexican thing to do.
Speaking of New Mexico, we have lived her 15 years. Just a thought.
I was reading over what I just wrote and I thought to myself what a silly word restaurant is, just silly. I wonder what it's word origin is?
Speaking of word origins, people that spell well without spell check are my hero's. My son Jayson is an amazing speller. I am not,but I don't beat myself up over it, I'm just not.
I do however read really fast, mainly because I like to read. I am thankful for books, all kinds of books.
I am reading one now about William Tyndale, the Father of the English Bible...he had amazing courage and determination.
Now that I think about it, I think I will read for a while. It is a beautiful fall day here and sitting outside reading sounds just right.
That is it for my random blog thoughts for today.
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