Friday, March 20, 2009

Ethan and His Mission Call

Is it okay to blog about something a month passed? I hope so because that is what I need to do!
Ethan recieved his mission call on Feb. 26, 2009....and he was at work, so we had to wait until that evening for him to open. We had some friends come over and share this time with him. We gathered in the family room and called family and five different phones so they could join us. His hands were shaking and his voice cracking as he read...."Elder Ethan Sinnott Hine, you have been called to serve in the Panama City Panama Mission ! YAHOOO! He is so pleased with his call, he had told himself he would be happy anywhere the Lord choose to send him, but was really hoping to go out of country. He leaves for the MTC on May 13, 2009. Props to you Ethan for wanting to serve the Lord, He is so very mindful of you.
So the passport is here and the visa papers filled out, on to the shots....lots and lots of shots. I will try to keep you all better posted:)

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Elder and Sister Elam said...

Congratulations Ethan! You will have an awesome experience. We sure love all "our missionaries"!