Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mamies Nativity

This is my grandmother Mamie's Nativity Scene. I don't know when she bought it or from where. But as far back as I can remember, every Christmas Eve, Mamie had her Nativity Scene set up. I am 52 years old and from the time that I can remember until her death in 1990,Mamie set up this scene. Some of my happiest memories are from Christmas Eve at Mamie and Empy's house at "The Ranch." Cousin and cousins and more cousins, food and Christmas Carols and games and sometimes snow are all thing things that made Christmas magical. But oh the Nativity scene.... sitting in it's place of honor on the piano or organ. After Empy died Mamie continued to have Christmas Eve at her house, but after Mamie died, each of her children carried on the tradition in their own home. When my mom asked me if I would like to have the Nativity Scene, I was so very happy. It represented everything that I always loved about Christmas. I didn't realize that it had a special spot in any of my children's hearts until the first Christmas I put it up and my oldest son Jayson was so excited to see it. You see he remembered it from Mamie's parties too. To him it represented all the magic of Christmas as a child. He quickly put his claim on it after I am gone! The funny thing is , all my kids want it! Jayson, Shaun and maybe Tanya remember the parties but I know that Tannis and well Ethan ( born 6 weeks before Mamie died,) well no way they have any memory of it~But they all want it! Now I have about 30 different Nativity Scenes from all around the world, but the one looked for and "fought" over who gets it, is Mamie's. I guess it is the one that memories are tied too, and the one that family is tied to. After all part of the magic of Christmas is memories of Christmas past and looking forward to future Christmas's with family.
May the magic of Christmas past, present and future be with all the ones we love!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Blog thoughts


It has been awhile since I have done any excuses just haven't done it.
It is a bit strange because I like to write and I always have a random thought or opinion on you would think that I would be a good blogger....hmmf not so much.
But here are a few of my random thoughts today:
La Luna over the Mesa is one of my favorite things about Grants.
Which makes me think that La Luna over the Mesa would be a good name for a restaurant...any opinions on that my bloggin' friends?
But when I see a beautiful full moom, my mind always drifts to know high tides, good surf and sand.
One of my favorite James Taylor song's is Mexico.
When I was younger, okay alot younger, in High School, I went to a James Taylor concert(he still had good hair). Anyway I loved it and thought I wouldn't mind marrying him after he was done with Carly Simon...didn't happen, but I still love him, and always sing his song on the way to Mexico!
Did you know I always grow corn every year in my garden. Not just becasue fresh corn on the cob is yummy, but I do love to decorate with it in the fall and I love to hear the wind blow though it and I really love the movie Field of Dreams. I mean if you grow corn you never know who is going to come to play in your backyard right? Soooo I grow corn.
I think one year I will grow blue corn too.....seems like a good New Mexican thing to do.
Speaking of New Mexico, we have lived her 15 years. Just a thought.
I was reading over what I just wrote and I thought to myself what a silly word restaurant is, just silly. I wonder what it's word origin is?
Speaking of word origins, people that spell well without spell check are my hero's. My son Jayson is an amazing speller. I am not,but I don't beat myself up over it, I'm just not.
I do however read really fast, mainly because I like to read. I am thankful for books, all kinds of books.
I am reading one now about William Tyndale, the Father of the English Bible...he had amazing courage and determination.
Now that I think about it, I think I will read for a while. It is a beautiful fall day here and sitting outside reading sounds just right.
That is it for my random blog thoughts for today.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Really Jennifer, Really?

Really I can't believe that I have not blogged since Nov. of 2009. Really Jennifer,really?
so lets catch up:
Nov.:Thanksgiving-At home with Tim, Tannis, Tanya, Tori, Devin Jorge, Colin and Chloe-Check
Dec.-Christmas-At home with Tim and Tannis and Jayson and Erica-Check
Jan.-At home with snow and work and callings and at Casa Grande with Tanya, Devin and Ezra and Rylie for Rylie's first birthday-Check
Feb.-At home with Tim and his knee replacement surgery-Check
March-At home " "-check
April-At home, and at Salt Lake City for Gen. Conf. with YSA, Daneila surgery in North Carolina Tannis and Clayton in Phoenix because of motorcycle accident and back home-Check
May-(well as of tomorrow)...will try to do so much better at blogging:)-Check

Anyway, that is a quick overview of the Hine House. I haven't updated Ethan's in a long time. I will get on that too!
As I look back back thru these last few months, the one thing that comes to mind that is not just a Check, but PRICELESS is this-My Testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. Through good, bad, hard times,happy times,I hold on tight to my Testimony that He lives and Loves me and knows me and is my Savior-Priceless!