Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Truth Is....

The Truth is...

The Truth is, I haven't blogged in awhile because, I haven't felt like it!

No particular reason, just haven't felt like it!

However, my life has been full of good things, and things that make me smile and happy. You would think that I would want to share, but no.

The Truth is, I think with Facebook, that maybe I feel like I have already put OUT THERE what I would here and soooooo......

The Truth is, I have had a great Summer! Ethan came home, after serving a 2 year Mission In Panama, I love having Missionaries out in our family, but that moment when they come home, that moment when they walk through the glass doors at the ABQ. airport, time stands still and I have to tell myself to breath~there is nothing like it.

The Truth is, as much as I wanted him home, my heart is sad because we are done with missionaries in our family until Tim and I go and the grand kids start.

The Truth is, I am sad and happy to see my summer come to an end. I love Summer and the time spent with family and at Mexico....I have always spent a few days in Mexico every Summer since I was a baby.

The Truth is, I don't think I would think I had a summer if I didn't spend some time in Cholla Bay.

But The Truth is, I am happy to get back into school and class room and new crayons and glue sticks and hugs from 3 and 4 year olds!

The Truth is, September is a reminder of why we bother to grow a garden....oh the Harvest!

The Truth is , fresh tomato's are really the best part of the garden:)

The Truth is,I am blessed beyond measure, and I hope my life reflects that.

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