Thursday, May 14, 2009

Elder Hine and the Mtc...and tulips:)

The Tulips at Temple Square were amazing!
YAHOO! Elder Hine at the MTC....he was so ready to give purpose to his life....He said"Don't worry about me, you know what I'll be doing and where I am at!" Then a quick hug and kiss good-bye, and he was out the "Missionary Exit." So I took his ummm, emotional dad(Tim) and we headed home. I just want to thank everyone that helped get him there, both physically and emotionally and most important spiritually!
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dntbaker said...

awesome! can you please email me some pics you took.. i will start a blog for him too.. i want to put his picture up on the Fridge!
he is going to be a great missionary, i just know it!!

Tannis Scott said...

indeed.. he looks like a missionary! he'll be a good one!